Wrapping It Up: Here Are Our Top Marketing and Design Tools of 2021

Wrapping It Up: Here Are Our Top Marketing and Design Tools of 2021

Web design and marketing are constantly evolving fields–especially in the legal industry. Let’s take a look at 2021. With constant changes to the law on both state and federal levels, this year came with a whole new set of challenges like the year before. To stay on top of the “new normal”,  our team at Omnizant watches out for the latest tools and resources in the legal marketing and design industry to make our lives, and our clients’ lives, easier. 

Below are just a few of our teams’ favorite tools and resources of 2021!

Omnizant Design and Development Team


Photopea is software that our designers use to edit images, create illustrations, and convert images files. It works with all modern web browsers and works with both raster and vector graphics. Photopea is a great alternative to Adobe Photoshop, as it also supports a variety of features, like image and text layering, spot healing, and smart objects. 


Our designers check webdesignernews.com at least once a day to catch on the latest trends in the web design world. This site gathers design, development, and other related content from various websites to help keep designers and developers up-to-date. 

TinyPNG and Convertio

Both TinyPNG and Convertio are excellent tools to easily compress images for websites efficiently. While our development team uses the TinyPNG plug-in on all of our clients’ WordPress websites, Convertio has a convenient extension for Google Chrome to compress images instantly.

Ratiobuddy and Contrast Ratio

This is another great site our designers use to help size images for our clients’ websites. It does the math for us to properly size images according to their aspect ratios. Contrast Ratio is a design tool our team utilizes to check different color combinations pass standards for WCAG 2.1, which is to ensure that all of our websites are ADA-compliant.

Picular, Dribble, and Behance

Some of the best of our award-winning designs are inspired by different graphic designers and beautiful color palates. Picular has a wide range of color palates our designers take inspiration from when providing our clients with their initial designs. Other resources our designers use are Dribble and Behance. With both of these sites, our team takes inspiration from leading graphic designers to provide our clients with the best possible work!

Delorean Ipsum Text Generator

For when our design team needs placeholder content for our design layouts, they use a text generator that takes them Back to the Future–literally! This specific text generator provides placeholder content from the scripts of one of America’s favorite trilogies, which is a fun way for our designers to create design layouts before the final copy is completed.

Omnizant Marketing Team

Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is a must for our marketing team and website support team members as well! With screaming frog, our team members can see the structure of a website instantly and allow them to identify issues that are hindering a site’s performance. It’s also helpful for website audits. 


This is a great tool our PPC campaign experts use to further improve our client’s Google Ads. Opteo provides our team with real-time data and suggestions to enhance our Google Ad campaigns, and it is also able to track multiple accounts at once and monitor all of our campaigns’ performance to identify any issues. 

Agency Analytics

Agency Analytics is another essential marketing tool for our team. With this tool, we are able to see all of our campaigns in one place and view everyone’s keyword rankings in real-team. Because of Agency Analytics, our marketing team is able to pinpoint which areas of your keywords need the most attention and create a strategy with the provided data. 


While Semrush is another great tool to identify our clients’ keyword rankings, it also helps our marketing team get insights on our clients’ competitors. With Semrush, we can analyze our clients’ competitors and use that data to create a strategy that is meant to help our clients gain the advantage. 


SpyFu is an excellent tool as well for keyword competitor research, especially for our clients’ Google Ads campaigns. With SpyFu, our marketing team is able to see where you match up with your competitors, and from that data, we are able to further enhance our clients’ ads and other marketing content to increase their website traffic.

Omnizant Content Team


Click-up is one of our content team’s favorite tools for organizing our clients’ assignments and for effectively communicating with our writers. Not only does our team use it to assign different projects, but we also use it to track our writers’ progress and to provide feedback to improve the content.

Grammar Girl

For those of us who have questions regarding certain grammar rules or how to make our content more effective for our audiences, Grammar Girl is one of our main resources. Grammar Girl is a website with plenty of useful information for our writers, sharing tips on how to improve tone and flow, and it even gives tips for choosing topics that will engage readers.

Marketing Brew

This is a great resource that our content team members get directly to their inbox. Marketing Brew is a website that provides us with the latest information for developing content and discusses other related techniques to draft content that will help our clients rank well for Google. 

Omnizant Website Support and Billing Team

Zoho Desk

All of our team members, not just our website support and billing team, utilize Zoho Desk. This tool helps us respond to our clients quickly and also helps collaborate across many different departments to resolve issues. With Zoho Desk, our team is able to view customer support tickets from months before and helps us keep records internally. 

Zoho Projects

This is an entirely new tool our support team is using and it has become one of their ultimate favorites! With Zoho Projects, our team can set up new to-do lists and individual tasks to communicate with our other departments. There are also features that allow our team to include reference links, images, and files to each individual project.

Who Is and What’s My DNS?

Both of these resources are essential tools for our support team to identify specific information regarding clients’ domain names. These tools allow our team to gather the all-time data regarding a client’s domain name, and our team can also identify your domain’s IP address and access DNS records. 

Open Graph

Open Graph is an excellent tool our support team uses to show how search engines and social media sites perceive our clients’ websites posts. Here, our team can see what meta-titles and meta-descriptions are being pulled for Facebook and other social media sites to ensure that the website’s posts are being properly indexed.

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