What resources and support is available to my firm as part of my hosting package?

What resources and support is available to my firm as part of my hosting package?

At Omnizant, we understand that most attorneys we work with don’t have hours to devote to non billable work which is why we’ve developed an integrated approach to online marketing.

As an Omnizant client, your premium maintenance and hosting package allows you to use all of our integrated tools including Click to Call technology, E-Newsletter Management System, Online Consultation Request, Integrated Calculators, Special Reports Feature and Password Protected Pages. Your plan also includes domain and email account management so we serve as a one-stop-shop for all of your web-related needs. And unlike most web developers that charge by the hour, your monthly package includes unlimited white glove support from our team of experts so you can call on us at anytime for help making a change to your website, insight into a marketing tactic or even a brainstorming session.

For each month that you stay with us, we will apply a credit towards the cost of a redesign. For most firms this equates to a significantly discounted, or completely complementary, redesign every few years.

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