How do I upload a PDF to my website?

How do I upload a PDF to my website?

  1. You can upload PDFs to any custom page of your website through the site manager.
  2. Once you have navigated to the edit screen of the desired content page, scroll to the bottom section titled, Add Documents, Audio, Video or Image Gallery:
  3. Click the dropdown on the upper right of the upload tool, Select an Article Type and choose Upload a document (Ex. PDF):
  4. This will prompt the tool to expand offering files for titled, description and a browse button to search your local computer for a document to upload:
  5. The Title field and File section are required for the upload.  Click the select button to browse your computer for the file you want to upload.  Once you click the file you will be brought back to this screen with the file name to the right of a green circle indicating that the file is ok to upload (as seen in the screenshot above).

    If you intend to display a list of PDFs at the bottom of your content page, it may benefit you to enter a description for the document you are uploading but this field is optional.

    Please Note:
    It is best practice to keep the PDF name as simple as possible.  Avoid special characters and spaces in the name to ensure that the file is not corrupted upon upload.
  6. Once you are done with the file selection, be sure to click save at the bottom of the upload tool.  This is a taupe button to the lower right of the upload section, it appears below the select button used for the file upload.
  7. Once saved, your PDF will appear at the top of the list, you can turn the file on and off and change the order in which it appears:
  8. You can now navigate to the page on the website in which the PDF was uploaded.  It is best practice to perform a hard refresh on the page to ensure you see the changes take effect, you can do this by clicking CTRL+R together on your keyboard. It will appears as follows:
  9. If you were simply using this tool to upload and acquire a link to the PDF to hyperlink from another page, you can right click on the link or open the link and copy the URL.  Once you have the URL, you can turn off the PDF in the site manager and use the URL to hyperlink on another page of the website.  Please see our article on adding hyperlinks to your website here.
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