How do I create a newsletter?

How do I create a newsletter?

  1. Once you are logged into your site manager, expand the Newsletters section by clicking the button on the left:

  2. Click the first options, Create New and the following page for Step 1 will load to the right of your screen:

  3. Once this screen loads, you will want to fill in the Newsletter Name, Subject and click Add Blank Section.

  4. Clicking Add Blank Section will prompt a pop up window to appear:

    This is where you will add the section title, content and upload an image if available. You can add as many sections as you'd like, they will be separated by a dividing line to keep you newsletter organized.  Once your content has been added for the given section, hit save to exit to the main newsletter section

  5. If you are done adding sections to you newsletter, you can continue on to Step 2 by clicking the blue button at the lower right of the screen, Next > Review and Edit:

  6. Step 2 allows you to review the content that was added in each section of Step 1:

    If any changes are needed, you can simply click into the editor and delete / add text.  Editing this page is the same process as editing a content page within your website.

  7. Once you are satisfied with the editing stage, click the blue button at the bottom right, Next > Select recipients to proceed to Step 3:

  8. Step 3  is to select the recipients of your email blast.  These subscribers would have been previously added to a group, you simply need to click the corresponding checkbox for the group you'd like to send to.  Once selected, the email addresses will populate with in the window:

    Once you have completed choosing the sender list, click the blue button at the lower right of the page. Proceed to Publish to continue to Step 4.

  9. Step 4 of the process allows you to preview the full email one final time.  You are also given three choices, Save, Save and send now & Save and schedule for a future date:

    Save - Allows you to save your work, in order to visit this email blast again visit Unsent Newsletters from the main menu.
    Save and Send Now - This will send out the email blast to the intended recipients immediately.  Please note: Depending on the size of the subscriber list, it may take a few minutes to fully process and send out the email. 
    Save and Schedule for a Future Date - This allows you to schedule your email newsletter for a later date using a calendar.  You must also choose the time in which your newsletter is sent out.  Please note: Time is based on EST. 

  10. Click the blue Finish button to complete your newsletter!
At this time we do not have a resend feature so if a newsletter needs to be sent out a second time the newsletter will need to be recreated starting at step 2

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