This is where you set your main contact address for the website. This address will receive notifications of contact inquiries, special report submissions, newsletter and blog subscribers, and seminar registrations.
You can also change the official firm name, which appears in a few sections throughout the site (the most obvious placement being in the footer next to the copyright notice). Normally in the event of a firm name change, we ask that you please contact us so we can update the graphics on the site and our records. 

Login Information
Your Site Manager username and password can be changed in this section. We will provide these login credentials to you when we first present your site but you can them at any time upon logging into your account.

If your website has a "Contact Us" page, you may have noticed the map of your office location; this map is dependent upon the information listed in this section. If you move your office  or add an additional location, you can add the address here and the maps on your site, along with the corresponding information, would automatically be updated to reflect the new location. You can of course disable the map display if the address is for mail only or the interactive Google map is not a good indicator of your location (unfortunately, Google Maps is not entirely accurate for all parts of the country). 

Billing Info
You can easily update your credit card on file with us in this section. It's important to note that the current card on file is not visible for security purposes, please contact our offices by phone if you would like to know what your current payment information is. Alternatively, you may fax over a copy of our payment authorization form to update your account. 

All invoices for any website-related charges will appear in this section. If you also use LegalVault, please refer to the Invoices tab within the LegalVault section for a detailed breakdown of all charges for client accounts. 

Click To Call Settings
If your website uses the "Click To Call" functionality, you can instantly update the number on file for your firm. If you prefer that this option be disabled after-hours or on the weekend, you can easily deactivate it here. 

Setup Google Analytics
When your firm's website is close to launch, we will provide you will instructions on how to sign up for Google Analytics. This is a free service provided by Google that will track traffic patterns to your website and visitor behavior. This space is simply used to connect your website to your Google Analytics account and should include your Google Analytics number. If you're not sure how to find this information, please contact our support team. It's important to note that statistics can only be seen through your Google Analytics account and cannot be obtained in the Site Manager.

SEO Data
If you are utilizing our advanced SEO services, we will need access to a number of your online accounts. Instead of using email to transmit your secure login credentials, we ask that you please include this information here.